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semi friends only

'Cause apparently there's someone watching my journal. You know. Someone who I don't want in my life at all, even on the fringes.

I'm not going to bother to go back and lock all my old entries... I'm too lazy for that. XD BUT, from now on, personal entries -- you know, ones pertaining to my personal life and all that -- are going to be locked from the public. All of my writing will still be posted for everyone to see because I use my journal to pimp my stuff now and then.

I unfortunately don't have the credit for the picture, but it isn't mine. If you know who made this, would you let me know? ♥
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... Yeah, I don't even. Half of my answers don't make any sense and the others are just... not happy fffffffffff It's disappointing after kievan got AWESOME answers and light_to_sound got funny ones. But a lot of mine don't make sense. ;a; Oh well.



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NaNoWriMo time!

Guess what, guys!


You can follow my NaNovel progress there. c:

I... am not sure if I have a pattern as far as posting goes. I think I'm just going to post chapters as I write them, and if I write part of a chapter and feel like posting it, I'll just post the chapter in parts. XD Which. Is what I'm all ready doing with Chapter Two. Um...

Yeah. :3 The journal's profile has a brief summary-ish thing (which is also on my NaNo profile...), and then there's a post being all "These are my characters!" and then I went ahead and started posting what I've written. Jyes.

\o/ Let's do this! Good luck to everyone participating ♥♥♥ We can do it!
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Drabble XXII: No Longer to Carry Rain

Words: 563
Fandom: Doctor Who (secretly; no names are named, but!)
Characters: The (Tenth) Doctor; Liliane Harper (OFC)
Summary: She is young and lost her home not so long ago. He is old and lost his home long, long ago. But what is lost can always be found.
Comments: Written for my Short Story class. The prompt was "Take an emotion you've experienced -- envy, fear, greed, lust, desire, etc. -- and give it to a fictional character. Make sure the character is not you, but the emotion should be yours. Create a scene using the fictional character and the emotion. Involve another person in the scene. Do not name the emotion in the scene. Show it." I was originally aiming for homesickness due to a lost home, but companionship (no pun intended) could also work. :v Which do you think resonates strongest in the piece? The quote on Liliane's dad's gravestone is from Rabindranath Tagore.

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re: Scheduling Last Minute

I. ... Okay, right, so.

Today was my student orientation and registration thing or whatever OTC calls it. Anddddd I'm registering late, because classes started Saturday. Better late than never, though?

So today I sat through about an hour and a half of people yapping at me, a good hour of it I all ready knew or didn't apply to me because this is the start of my sophomore year of college (!!). Because of my sleeping habits (ahem), I wasn't exactly the most intelligent or attentive, so my brain kept dying at times and Jim decided it was his duty to keep me focused and amused when things got boring, even though I told him to get some sleep because otherwise Bones would probably kill me. He persisted anyway. Sweetheart. Dumbass.

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You know, for scheduling late, I did pretty damn well, as far as classes go. At least they all sound interesting, though I can see the music class being kind of zzzzzz. But hey, that's okay. It's a music class. In the Gilloiz. I'll live. I'll also have to make sure I like. Eat at some point on Tues/Thurs.

Now I just have to finish being a Big Kid and take care of that stupid, nerve-wracking financial aid stuff.

Or maybe I'll fall into a small coma take a nap. Hmmmmmmmm.


Also, I just agreed to co-ML my region for NaNo this year. Even though I can't really help with rides. But um. I like organizing things?

Ahahahahaha guys what am I doing, taking two English classes and NaNo. Ahahahahahaha. Also, I can't re-write my last NaNovel, because if I'm going to ML, I have to do things by the rules instead of doing a less official NaNo.

Which means I need a new idea.



Yay I got the same letter from OTC four times today asking for more info for my financial aid stuff. Which they didn't ask for the last time they sent me a letter asking for more financial aid info. AND they're asking for my A+ transcript when THEY SHOULD HAVE TWICE OVER BY NOW slkdgha;sldkfjwoegha;sdlkgjhasdlkgjdlgkh

/eats her cookie. B|
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Growing Up and Memoir Sample

I think something clicked the past few days while I spent time with my great-aunt Rebecca (lol name, I know). Or maybe it was just today. I don't know. But I feel clear-headed and I am starting to get my shit together. Finally.

Looks like I'm not taking this semester off, after all. I'm going to enroll at the local community college in a couple of weeks; everything's set, I just need to wait to hear about my financial aid. For everyone who felt... disappointed in me because it looked like I was going to drop the ball -- I'm sorry. For everyone who said something about it, for or against it... Thank you. Just know that I'm getting back on track.

I'm currently working on writing... a memoir, haha. Of recent events. All culminating to the point where the pieces clicked back together today. My current Facebook status is "I'm a big kid now," and I'm just leaving it at that there. But... It's significant.

It's kind of funny. Recently, Jim put the pieces together and grew up some, too. And not long afterward, I do it, too, even though I didn't see it coming and didn't go looking for it. It's just an interesting coincidence, the same way that by exploring Xion and Kefka's friendship, I explored my own feelings about events at the time.

If you believe in coincidences, anyway. I'm still not sure what I believe in, if anything. But I think I don't believe in happenstance.

I'm going to put the memoir away for tonight, but I think I'm maybe a third of the way through. Here's a sample (though some of you have seen this all ready):
But I feel like something’s changed. A switch has been flipped, or… Maybe it’s that the clouds have cleared, become opaque. I can see, I can touch, I can feel, I can think and for the first time, it doesn’t scare me. For the first time, it feels and it feels right and it feels… like everything’s going to be okay. It’s an old, familiar belief that I lost somewhere along the way, but I think I’ve found it again. I’ve found it with help I didn’t expect, and I have to share it. I can’t just write a Livejournal entry and leave it be; I have to write it. Properly. This is an occasion I want to remember. This is an occasion I want everyone to remember, for me. So everyone can hold me to it. So I don’t forget it again.

I need to remember. So, I write.
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Drabble XXI: But I do believe that I am...

Word Count: 611
Fandom: Star Trek XI (reboot/2009 movie)
Character: Jim Kirk
Notes: Written as a RP sample to rubycity_rp. I am really happy with the way this came out, which is why it's getting posted over here. <3 It's just Jim doing some introspection. Takes place during the movie after the conversation Pike has with him in the bar. Ever since I picked Jim up as a muse, I've been curious as to what he was thinking, so I decided to watch that scene again and then sat him down and wrote through it.

Keywords of this icon are applicable. "And what you want most is..."


"Your father was captain of the starship for twelve minutes. He saved eight hundred lives, including your mother's... and yours." Pike paused for the breadth of a second. "I dare you to do better."

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Headspace Attendance List

Updated as of 9/9/2010.

All of the names of the dæmon forms (except for hummingbird) are links to analyses, so click if you're curious! You may have to scroll down a bit to find the right ones for some of the links, and others even be two links, so keep an eye out for that. Warning, though, there may be tl;dr.

I recommend viewing this in my journal's style instead of your own, just because I'm not sure if the font colors will work on your background. If you're using black or white, you're probably set, but otherwise... lulz. Also, there are actually only four dæmons who talk to their humans, even though there are five names listed. I just know the name of Luxord's, so I decided to just toss it in.

Listed according to how talkative/active they are in my head. Usually, the top two or three of a section are tied.

House: 37
Canons: 18
Pets: 6
Dæmons: 4
Pokémon: 26
- Denotes out of the Houses system
{Denotes dæmon | main/settled form}
* Denotes unsettled
[denotes fandom]
(other notes)

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