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I can't go on. I will go on.

My sugar's sweet and so attainable~

Ꭿmalthea றalathyne
9 August 1990
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  • spiralstarfall@livejournal.com

i don't care {about anything}♪ dou demo ii tte kao shinigara
zutto zutto inotte ita
naimono nedari
motto da motto
da maznoku dekinai
dakara keep trying! ♫


What Represents Me
Dæmon: Celliz | male | settled | palm cockatoo
Pokémon: Leafeon | Chikorita
Hogwarts House: Ravenpuff
Colors: Light green | Dusty blue
Element: Nature (think trees)
Zodiac: Leo | Metal Horse | Hazel

You Will Find Me
Role-Playing: mostly in the Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Pirates of the Caribbean fandoms, as far as LJ is concerned. I do dabble in others, though.
Writing: things relevant to various RPs, both in IM and in LJ. also, whatever original tidbits I'm working on at the time. also, NaNoWriMo.
Listening to Music: a lot a lot a lot. especially where my characters are concerned.
Generally: being a nerd. maybe sometimes drawing things. worrying too much/being high-strung. having fun with crack plot bunnies. rambling endlessly about only things I care about. forgetting that I have this journal. wishing I had more icons.

Contact Me
For: random questions. random conversation. reasons related to RP. credit for icons that I'm using.
AIM: ThineMalathyne | sleeveoflace | puppetpathos | gonnamakeitmine
Email: when.all.your.dreams.come.true [at] gmail